Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force Makes 25,000th Arrest



Alphonso Tate -- lucky No. 25,000
  • Alphonso Tate — lucky No. 25,000

Alphonso Tate — who was charged with rape, kidnapping, and five counts of gross sexual imposition — is lucky number 25,000 for the Northern Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force. While Tate's arrest made a nice round historic number, we're guessing the honor isn't like being the 10,000th shopper at Giant Eagle or the 1,000,000th visitor to the Rock Hall. Less balloons involved in this one.

But 25,000 arrests. That's a nice number. Some facts via the press release they posted on their Facebook wall:

90 partner agencies make up the NOTVFTF, which could really use a name that lends itself to a tidier acronym. Founded in 2003, the task force has spread its wings globally, tracking down fugitives as far as Israel and Mexico. 35,000 warrants have been cleared, 545 suspected murderers brought in, 617 suspected rapists apprehended, and one long unwieldy name.

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