Ted Strickland Thinks President Obama Will Win Ohio Because of Ted Strickland




Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, who recently launched a new career in consulting, talked with The Plain Dealer about a range of political issues in an interview.

While the heart of one of his bolder statements — that the climate in Ohio leans positively for President Obama — might have merit, we think there was a better way to phrase it.

"I think the president has a much improved chance of winning Ohio again due in part to the fact that I lost in November and the resulting extreme agenda, anti-worker agenda that was put forth by the new administration," he told the PD. "I feel strongly about that."

I sucked, so that's really good for him!

Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine then responded to Strickland's strong assertion by telling the paper that Strickland is "a sore loser with anger management issues."

Strickland then said DeWine is an ugly meanie face who is ugly, nanananapoopoo.

DeWine responded with the rejoinder, "I'm rubber and you're glue."

And somewhere in the middle the average Ohio voter decided to allow a chicken to cast his vote in all coming elections.

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