FBI: Bank Robberies Up in Cuyahoga County




These are hard times in Northeast Ohio. Recovery from the recession (which, compounded with what looks to be like more unemployment after the debt deal, should be more fun, whoopee!) is still not in the grasp of most Clevelanders, who are most likely surviving on a diet of ramen and drug-store booze these days.

That could be one reason for a disturbing trend on the shores of Lake Erie, or it could be total coincidence. According to the FBI, via WKYC, bank robberies are way up this year.

Once every 4.5 days since January 1, a bank is robbed in Cuyahoga County. That's a troubling development according to the Feds, which say that calendar year 2011 has seen 47 bank robberies already, up from 19 at this point in 2010.

Some fun facts, via WKYC: 30 of the 47 have been solved; there were 55 bank robberies in Cuyahoga County for all of 2010; we are all poor; no, it's not going to get better; but please don't rob a bank.

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