Huron Hospital Will Close August 22




Update: It's August 22, which means Huron has ceased providing "inpatient, emergency and trauma services — the latest step in streamlining the amount of patient care at the hospital before it permanently shuts its doors Oct. 3," according to Just an FYI.


Some public service loose ends in healthcare...

When the Cleveland Clinic officially announced it was closing Huron Hospital, a 90-day timeframe was put in place to shuffle operations, patients, etc. out of Huron and to other facilities.

That 90 days is coming soon, so on August 22 the Clinic will end operations there, closing inpatient, emergency, and trauma. Outpatient care will continue through October 3. 19 Action News says the Clinic will offer free shuttle trips for Huron patients to Euclid, Hilcrest, or South Pointe on weekdays.

Adjust your illnesses and ailments accordingly.

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