Casey Anthony Rumors Bring Attention to Small Ohio Town Which Says It's All a Hoax




What likely started off as a string of emails to television stations in Cleveland has exploded into full-blown rumors, the ones where even your mom says she knows someone who knows someone who knows for sure that Casey Anthony is living in Newbury, Ohio.

The gossip wildfire was kindled last week, and with TMZ posting photos of what they claim to be Casey Anthony "somewhere" in Ohio, the sleepy Geauga County town is now fully engulfed in a media conflagration. She's there! She's there!

So TV stations and action news vans and microphones descended, asking anyone and everyone how it feels to have Mom of the Year Casey Anthony living next door. The problem? Officials in Newbury say it's all a hoax.

Via the Chagrin Valley Times:

The email, according to Lt. John Hiscox, with the Geauga County Sheriff's Department, reported that a moving van was spotted in Newbury Township alongside three police cruisers.

Mr. Hiscox said news reporters from the stations began calling the sheriff's department, asking for confirmation on the report, but no confirmation could be given.

He said he asked reporters to identify the department listed on the cruisers that supposedly accompanied the moving van. When they reported back that the cruisers were Newbury police, Mr. Hiscox informed them that the Newbury Police Department was disbanded years ago.

He said news reporters eventually attributed the email to a hoax but still asked the sheriff's department to make a formal statement declaring it as such.

One famous "fact" making the rounds is that Casey Anthony likes to hang out at Mangia Mangia, a pizza joint in Newbury. Details included in the scuttlebutt have her dining there escorted by two deputies. Once again, the problem: "Mr. Hiscox said the department does not provide such services to the public."

But they're just covering for her right? She's there. We know it. For a fact. Our barber told us so.

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