OSHA Inspector Arrested for Trying to Blackmail Stripclub (Updated)




Update: If you've forgotten about Joseph Schwarz, the OSHA official who was arrested in late summer 2011 for attempting to extort Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, scan down below for a full recap of the sleazy events.

If you're simply looking for the end result of his attempt at siphoning some of those dollar bills from the fine establishment, it's this: he pleaded guilty to unauthorized use of property. Charges for extortion and the ever-popular "possession of criminal tools," were dropped.

He'll be sentenced in April. (Via the Chronicle-Telegram)


Who knows why OSHA compliance officer Joseph Schwarz did what he did? Perhaps dizzied by the mountains of supple beautiful flesh surrounding him, maybe in need of a boost to his bank account, or just lacking the common sense to know that his scheme was bound for failure.

According to the Chronicle-Telegram, the Lorain man had Larry Flynt's Hustler Club, a stripclub in the Flats conveniently located next to Scene's parking lot, in his sights. While everything about Mr. Flynt's establishment seemed above-board, Schwarz told owners back in June that he had videotape of drugs being used on the premise and illegal sex acts going down. His price to keep his little secret: $10,000.

Somewhere along the way, the FBI got involved, and they had Schwarz stop by the club on July 12, ostensibly to pick up his loot, but really to pick up a set of cuffs and a pair of charges: extortion and possession of criminal tools.

OSHA's finest pleaded not guilty this week, insisting he did nothing wrong. An OSHA spokesman told the paper that Schwarz remains employed, but that he's been placed on administrative leave until his case is resolved.

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