Doug Katz Named Chef-Partner at Museum of Art's New Resto, Cafe




The Cleveland Museum of Art has announced a culinary partnership with Doug Katz, chef-owner of Fire Food and Drink (13220 Shaker Sq., 216-921-3473), to oversee the museum's new restaurant, café and all catering and banquet services.

The restaurant and café will be located in the museum’s new 39,000-square-foot atrium in the heart of the redesigned building. Katz describes the more casual café as a world market-themed cafeteria, with multiple food stations outfitted with equipment such as a tandoor oven, Japanese grill for skewered meats and fish, and a hearth oven for flatbreads. Grab-and-go items like salads, panini and pastries will also be on tap.

The more upscale restaurant will be sit-down, and largely reserved for lunch service and special evening dinner service. This restaurant will also boast a global take on food, with tastes and dishes influenced from culinary borders near and far, says Katz.

Katz will be assisted by Bon Appétit, an environmentally conscious food-service provider, to handle much of the day-to-day operations. The company also operates Market Café on E. 9th Street.

While Bon Appétit will have a strong presence, Katz says that he will be deeply involved in all aspects of the food services.

"I'm the chef-partner," Katz told me over the phone. "I will be hiring the chefs, creating the menus for the café, restaurant and banquet services. I will be there every day.'

Look for the new restaurants to come online fall of 2012.

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