NEO's Most Awkward Family Photo



The Awkward Family Photos website is both entertaining and self-explanatory. The mission is right there in the name. Their Embassy Suites Awkward Family Photo contest is running now, and yes, the goal is to find the most awkward of the awkward family photos from reader submissions and votes.

Currently in second place is this gem, and the family, according to the Canton Repository, is from Northeast Ohio — Mary Ellen and Phil Lathrop. Their daughter, Kate, who was 15 at the time the moment was captured for posterity, had a bit of a goth phase. “Our daughter had rebellious teen years. Now 26 and a successful young adult, this (and similar) pictures make wonderful blackmail material," reads the caption.

Voting ends tomorrow night. Do it for Kate. Not Kate now, but 15-year-old Kate. She would've liked that.


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