Dancing Girl at Tribe Game Drives Viewers Nuts




The dugout suites at baseball parks are prime location for the ever-annoying "talking on cell phone and waving at the camera" move. Hey, I'm on TV, you can see me, I'm talking to you, hey, I can see me on TV too, hey man, isn't this just magic, how did they do that, omggg, hiiiii.

If you wondered what is worse than that, try a teenage girl incessantly dancing during every pitch for the majority of a extra-inning tie game. Yep, that happened last night during the Tribe/Tigers game. "That #$%@* girl has to stop jumping and dancing, she just has to," was said in more than one household, to be sure. She even made WFNY's morning game recap. That's how annoying she was. On twitter, viewers were exchanging exasperated pleas and jokes using #jumpingirl or #girlbehindtheplate. Sample tweet: "I can’t even watch the game anymore because of her. Is that the girl from Little Miss Sunshine? Did she just do the Running Man?"

Now, we're not in the business of harping on a 12-year-old girl for bringing out her inner ballet dancer on live TV or for showing excitement at the ballpark, but ... well... this was super annoying. Video below.

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