Lorain SWAT Team Seems Busy




SWAT teams stand ready but aren't really put into action that often. They're there, however, training, preparing, practicing, and keeping sharp in the meantime.

Out in Lorain, this apparently includes setting up a bike-stealing sting to nab a homeless fella who had a habit of lifting bicycles that didn't belong to him. Seriously.

The Chronicle Telegram reports
on the SWAT-led operation to catch this dastardly miscreant. Headline: "SWAT team busts alleged bicycle thief."

The bike was placed by the police SWAT team in front of Shak’s Korner at 2009 W. 21st St., at 9:18 p.m. Tuesday, according to Officer Timothy Thompson’s incident report.

Thompson wrote that the area has had several bike thefts recently, and the bike was placed there as bait and as part of a training exercise.

After about a minute, Thompson wrote that a man later identified as Dominique S. Hill rode off on it, with Thompson and officers Kurt Graupmann and Mark Pultrone following him in an unmarked Ford Explorer.

Thankfully, Lorain's finest were on the scene, ably tracking the homeless man on a bike with their vehicle, undoubtedly communicating on encrypted radio throughout and doublechecking the thief's path with GPS beamed from government satellites.

The homeless fella was cuffed and arrested, charged with petty theft and obstructing official business. SWAT then moved on to the local convenience store where they hoped a 22-man sting operation with 11 additional undercover officers could finally catch a 10-year-old who's suspected of stealing candy bars.

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