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The Akron Aeros launched a "rebranding" movement that solicited new names for the Double A Tribe affiliate. Why "Aeros" was not longer suitable, who knows.

Now, the finalists are in, and these, Northeast Ohio, are your horrible, horrible choices, all of which pay homage in some way to Akron, but all of which sound awful as names for a baseball team. Please just head over and vote to keep the Aeros the Aeros.

1. Keep the Aeros.

2. Gum Dippers (“Gum Dipping refers to the process…of impregnating tire cord with rubber. The term reflects Akron's heritage as the center of polymer development and innovation.” - Submitted by Donald Lutes, Tallmadge, OH)

3. RubberDucks (“The name proudly symbolizes the importance of rubber in the Tire City. The ducks that swim in the canal symbolize the method that Akron businesses used…for transporting goods, which (helped Akron become) the fastest growing pioneer city in the nation.” — Submitted by Raymond Romito, Copley, OH)

4. Tire Jacks (“The nickname successfully combines what Akron is famous for all over the world (Tires) with a term synonymous with baseball (Jacks). Akron has, and always will be, known for its Tires.... and this new nickname surely Jacks it out of the park!” — Submitted by Tara Kerscher, Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

5. Vulcans (“As the Roman God of fire, Vulcan is a masculine, dynamic, awe-inspiring name. The name shows the evolution of the rubber industry to the polymer industry currently in our area.” — Submitted by Angi Taylor, Akron, OH)

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