Avengers Shoot Heading to Parma, Will Blow Stuff Up


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Parma Heights, arent you jealous?
  • Parma Heights, aren't you jealous?

Cleveland isn't hogging all of the Avengers. According to 19ActionNews, Parma will get in on the big-budget Hollywood action upsetting everyone's commute as well. But no, we're not talking about boring street shots or talk talk talk blah blah blah. In Parma, they're going to be blowing stuff up.

The station reports filmmakers will be firing off 30-foot-high fireballs next Thursday and Friday near the old Chevy Powertrain building.

"Our administration has been working on this endeavor for several days," said Parma Mayor Dean DePiero. "We are pleased and excited it came together. It's not every day Hollywood comes to Parma."

The Avengers crew members will be notifying residents and businesses in the area near the former Chevy Powertrain building before shooting begins. The test explosions will be conducted on Thursday and the actual filming is planned for Friday. Film crews will be on site from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. The production team will decide the precise time of the detonations.


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