Robbery Victim: "Dude, Not the Cigarettes"


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Some things are sacred. Take a scenario when you're law-abiding nose is squared up with the butt of a pistol and some miscreant is not-so-kindly asking for your wallet, keys, cash, etc.

Maybe in that case the wedding ring is off limits. "Come on man, not my wedding ring." Some things are worth risking bodily harm for.

Other times, if you're like us and this young victim from Cleveland Heights, it's the cigarettes that prove the last stand. After all, with your heart racing and your body oozing sweat like Jimmy Dimora after a walk to the mailbox, you're going to need some nicotine to recover from the near-death experience.

Via Cleveland Heights Patch:

Two men approached a 21-year-old man from Cleveland Heights at 12:30 a.m. Aug. 9 on the 3900 block of Fairfax Road, and one asked him for $5. He gave them the money, and then the other person asked him for all of his cash and threatened to beat him up. The man gave them the rest of his dough — which was $20. As he went to walk away, they asked him for his cigarettes. He said no, and they left him alone.


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