Cleveland Will Stink Badly Next Week, Not Friday




The Flats East Bank project is rolling along. There's a big crane down there and everything. Steel! Girders! Construction hats!

One of the next steps in making the long-deserted stretch of land the Midwest's OC-like playground is to excavate a reserve of coal tar residue buried in the ground. Once exposed to the sun, the vault will unleash a smelly perfume of smelly coal stink over the entire city. Clevelanders' noses will be privy to the odorous bounty for about 24 hours.

The late-summer bouquet was set for Friday, but the developer has pushed back plans to next week because the Browns have a preseason game at home Friday night. You're totally allowed to subject us to horrifying smells, but hey man, not during football.

Developer spokeswoman Nancy Lesic told the PD that the decision was made out of respect for fans who will be out and about Friday night in the area. Implied in the statement: watching Lions and Browns preseason football is an unpleasant enough atmosphere without added olfactory insult.

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