Cleveland Removes Traffic Camera, Will Just Move It Somewhere Else


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The traffic camera that used stand guard over Broadway and E. 88th St. was a veritable cash printing press for Cleveland, racking up more fines than every other camera in the city other than the ones at Chester and E. 71st St., 3,740 in only 194 days of operation in 2010. No more, according to the Cleveland Leader.

Part of the new two-year contract with the company that provides and services the traffic cameras was a provision to remove the eagle-eyed ticket-machine on Broadway. Zack Reed had pushed hard for the camera in his district to be removed, and so it was. Ironically enough, some of Reed's constituents probably complained about the speed trap via social media.

But the recently removed camera will not be shuttered for long; it will just pop up somewhere else by January 2012, just in time for a fresh batch of outrage from a fresh set of fined drivers.


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