Exclusive: We Found Scarlett Johannson's Hotel


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Cleveland's been aflutter over the parade of celebrities in town for Avengers filming, with some outlets soliciting fan photos, sightings, and notes about what Samuel L. Jackson may have had for breakfast.

That's all well and good, but the real money in star tracking is not finding the A-listers out in public, but sniffing out where they're staying.

Now, in a Scene exclusive blog post of a screenshot of a Cleveland.com employee's Twitpic of a cell phone photo of page from celebrity magazine Life & Style we can report that Scarlett Johansson, target No. 1 for men in Cleveland, was staying at the Hampton Inn in Wilmington, OH while the movie was filming there. No, no Ritz for ScarJo, just the economy-friendly, continental-breakfast slinging comfort of the Hampton Inn. Hot, rich, and sensible? Love her.

By our calculations, this means ScarJo is staying at a motel on Brookpark Rd. during filming in Cleveland. (Pic via Alana Munro.)



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