Lorain Grandma Arrested After Child Found With Cocaine in Mouth


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We truly appreciate the unofficial game of one-upsmanship Lorain residents play with each other to make the hallowed virtual pages of this rag. "You bite someone's ear off and flash a toddler? I'll let my kids drink themselves silly."

In Lorain's personal Summer Slam, we have a new top entry. A grandmother was arrested after her daughter found her 1-year-old child with a bag of cocaine in her mouth.

19 Action News reports that Brytny, 17, found daughter Trnyty (the family apparently does not believe in the letter "i") with Columbian Marching Powder in her mouth, and figured it must have come from grandma, Anna Irizarry.

We'll bypass the ruminations on the good old days when grandparents gave grandchildren candy, provided brief escapes from their parents, and let them watch as much TV as they want and go straight to the rest of the details.

Cops were called to the family affair, and Anna returned home shortly after. Grandma then informed police that Brytny was not a good mother, so much so that Children Services were set to come collect her children later this month.

No word yet on whether that allegation was true, but Children Services were called in to collect notes on the dysfunctional scene and Trynty was taken to the hospital for observation.

Grandma, who will probably not be receiving one of those "Best Grandma in the World" coffee cups this Christmas, was arrested and charged with endangering children, possession of coke, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Your move, fellow Lorain residents.


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