Clevelanders Called 911 Because of That Minor Earthquake




Yesterday's minor earthquake, which registered about a 3.2 in Cleveland, was news around Northeast Ohio and the East Coast. While the West Coast chortled at everyone's fascination and overreaction in these parts to what is a common, non-newsworthy occurrence out there, Clevelanders felt the ground shake and couldn't stop talking about it despite the fact that there was, in reality, very little to talk about.

There was no damage, no injuries, and all the shaking lasted about ten seconds.

That was cause enough for some to dial 911, however. Yes, and not to report any damage or injuries (because there was none, naturally), but just to ask: "Hey, was that an earthquake?" Good use of emergency phone lines, Cleveland.

Of course, if you've been on the Scene blog train for awhile now, you know that incredibly blatant misuse of 911 is nothing new. One call is embedded below, the rest compiled by NewsNet5 are over here at this link.

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