Dirt From Anthony Sowell's Imperial Avenue Home For Sale


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The macabre underground "murderabilia" market peddles an array of physical remnants from the lives of serial killers. From notes and letters to household items, if it was part of a monster's life, there's someone who will buy it.

Eric Gein (not his real name) recently dispatched a crony to Imperial Avenue and the house of horrors Anthony Sowell called home. He scooped up dirt from the lot, packaged the soil in dime-sized bags, and his now hawking them at Serialkillersink.net for $25 each. If you guessed that families of the victims and decent people everywhere are upset about this, you'd be right.

Gein says that Sowell doesn't make a dime off the sales, so rest easy, normal human beings, it's just him and his creepy entrepreneurial streak that are profiting from the deaths of eleven innocent women. Totally cool, then.


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