Afternoon Brew: Peeping Tom Targeted Women in Bathroom, Walmart Fight, Metro Makes Cuts, and the Urine Drinker




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you wonder if the Tribe can bring back Carlos Baerga too.

— Cops caught a man who used a camera in a pen to record women in the bathroom at his place of employment. Conveniently, his next home will give him 24/7 access to watching people go to the bathroom right in front of him. (Chronicle Telegram)

— Copley and Fairlawn are taking their fight over Walmart and restricting some streets to prevent through-traffic to court. Judge to rule whether cities have the right to delay access to $10 economy packs of tube socks by a couple minutes. (Fairlawn Patch)

— Metro will try to make $6.3 in cuts to stave off an operating loss and break even for the year. Consultants contracts to be targeted. Also, stitches will be taken care of outside on the sidewalk by someone's grandma. (Crain's Cleveland)

— You never want to commit a crime that gets you labeled as the "Urine Drinker." (Dispatch)

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