Afternoon Brew: Weed in Rice Krispies, Sherrod Brown Opines on the Red Sox, Parking Tickets, and a Prop Gun is Real




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you put safety first in your homemade movies tonight. How about 'pumpernickel' as a safe word?

— Sherrod Brown says rooting for the Red Sox is like rooting for pharmaceutical companies. PolitiFact investigates whether it's a true statement or not, leading us to wonder whether someone should investigate whether PolitiFact has too much time on their hands. (PolitiFact)

— The Highway Patrol pulled over a car and discovered the driver was carting around 4.5 pounds of pot-laced Rice Krispies treats. Highway patrolmen now totally stocked up for their party on Saturday night. (ABC)

— Even on a movie set, you're going to want to always double-check to make sure the gun you're pointing at your friend is a prop gun and not a real gun. (NewsNet5)

— A ton of folks who showed up for a career fair at CSU got parking tickets because long lines meant long hours and no chance to run back to feed the meter. Cleveland Safety Director Martin Flask will not forgive and forget on the fines, which is a pretty dickish move to pull on people who obviously might not have money since they were at a career fair looking for a job. (

Anyone remember Bis?

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