Afternoon Brew: New Calvin & Hobbes, Still More Flash Mob Crap, Fitz vs. Husted, and Al Bundy Gets a Star


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Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you get mad at us for tricking you with that headline.

— "Bill Watterson Writes, Illustrates, Shreds New 'Calvin And Hobbes' Strip Each Morning Out Of Spite." (The Onion)

— At least a few folks in Elyria want city council to make a law against flash mobs even though 1) There haven't been any flash mobs in Elyria, and 2) The event they're concerned about a flash mob ruining is the annual Apple Festival. Really. (Chronicle Telegram)

— As FitzGerald uses the absentee ballot issue as a party fundraising point, everyone looks forward instead, to the inevitable Ed FitzGerald vs. Jon Husted steel cage match. Or something like that. We've got 2-1 odds it's Husted who ends up body slammed into the Spanish announcer's table. (

— Ohio-native Ed O'Neill gets a star on the Walk of Fame. Yes, it's in front of a shoe store. (NewsNet5)

How 'bout them pale blue eyes?


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