Afternoon Brew: Syphilis Up in Cuyahoga County, BBQ With Wife's Clothes, Search Public Employees' Pay, Portage Tea Party Changes Acronym




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you slap that guy in the office who is taking Thursday and Friday off and has said, "Today's my Friday," once too many times today.

— If you're burning your wife's clothes on the grill, telling cops you're "having a barbecue" when they come to ask you about it is a clever response, but one that will likely not get you out of trouble. (Morning Journal)

— There's now a site where you can search for how much every Ohio public employee makes. If you want to know how much folks at Scene make, you should know happy hour for us is a 40 down by the river. Take that for what you will. (NewsNet5)

— Syphilis cases are up slightly in Cuyahoga County. Just a PSA before you decide to forgo the rubber this holiday weekend. (

— The Portage Tea part now says that TEA will stand for “Totally Engaged Americans,” instead of "Totally Effin Asinine." Or something like that. (

Go drink something cheap and bad for you tonight.

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