Afternoon Brew: Smoking in Bars, Dead Husband's Tattoo Speaks, An Honest Woman, and a Manhunt




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you mourn the end of the Tribe's playoff chances.

— Ohio claims that business is not down in bars after the smoking ban took effect. What they didn't study was how much business is up in bars that surreptitiously still allow smoking. (NewsNet5)

— A dead husband's tattoo led police to the killer, his wife. Yeah, that's a story we'd like to read. (AP)

— What would you do if you found a wallet with $4,600 in cash in it? (

— On a serious note, police say this man killed his wife and is now on the run. There is a nationwide manhunt underway. (Fox 8)

Go honor someone amazing tonight.

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