Thousands of Panties Dumped Along Ohio Road (Updated)




Update: The August 2011 mystery of thousands of panties dumped along an Ohio road was never solved by the local authorities. Folks were interviewed, but nothing definitive was ever nailed down. Fairfield County, meanwhile, has held on to the garments. For, um, police reasons. Yeah.

Anyway, the undies will go to good use: they'll be donated to a group that hangs underwear on a bridge every year to raise awareness for cervical cancer. (NewsNet5)


A mystery of delicate and cotton-y origins is brewing in Lancaster, OH. 10TV reports that on Wednesday, residents and authorities discovered nearly 3,000 pairs of women's underwear dumped along the side of a road. While everyone agrees that most of the undies were new, there are conflicting reports on whether any of the underwear was actually used.

As you can imagine, this panty-littering created the perfect storm of local TV news coverage. A sleepy town, a Concerned Citizen ("I don't know who did this, but they have to be brought to justice), and a reporter picking up a pair of underwear with a stick. We offer congratulations on the Emmy she is sure to win, and to you, we simply say: enjoy.

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