Former Browns Running Back Caught Driving 147 MPH


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Chris Jennings' tenure with the Cleveland Browns was short and lackluster. He played in 9 games in 2009, got cut by the Browns in 2010, and failed to make the 2011 New York Jets. A skill-set that lacked speed and an inability to remain healthy were two of his biggest problems.

But he did manage to make a little dough in the NFL, some of which he spent on a 2004 BMW. And if he wasn't fleet of foot on the field, he was definitely fleet of pedal on the highway.

Fox 8 reports that Ohio Highway Patrol spotted Jennings driving 147 mph in a 65 mph zone in Guernsey County. Oh, he also had a suspended license and expired tags. But mainly cops were interested in the former NFLer for the whole "Driving 82 miph over the speed limit" thing.

Once booked on a variety of charges, Jennings posted bond with his credit card, which is probably racking up the swipes these days.


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