Over 5,000 Apply for Jobs at Cleveland Casino




The Horseshoe Casino, Cleveland's gaming mecca that will open next year, is one of the few places in hiring in Cleveland. 1,600 total positions will be filled by March of next year when Dan Gilbert's casino flings open its doors to oxygen-toting grannies and the like.

500 of those jobs are for dealers and were posted on the casino's website a week ago. Rock Ohio Caesars tells the Plain Dealer that they have already received over 5,000 applications for those 500 jobs, and expect that number to climb to 10,000 by the deadline at the end of September.

The numbers may be boggling, but officials say everyone who submits an application will get a response within 10 days as they whittle down the finalists. Should you be lucky enough to make the first cut, you'll head through more interviews, a large group affair in October, then intimate one-on-ones where they'll ask you if you like to split aces. Make it through that, and you'll be attending the casino's dealer's school for 240 hours, just the last step to get to the end of the rainbow and one of the $35,000 - $40,000 jobs.

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