Dan Gilbert Doesn't Like 'Bloggissists'




Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is no stranger to firing off pointed tweets at those he feels have denigrated or insulted him. He once called out no one in particular for having "cyber courage" after the whole world noticed that Gilbert seemed to be taking shots at LeBron on Twitter in a not-so-veiled-at-all fashion.

ESPN's Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy and resident Karate Kid/Real World Expert at the World Wide Leader, laid out in a Twitter rant yesterday what he's been hearing about the NBA lockout negotiations. Notably, that Dan Gilbert was one of two owners really hindering talks. Then he took some shots at Mr. Comic Sans. Here's a portion of his argument.

1 Keep hearing Gilbert/Sarver are hurting NBA lockout progress from owner's side. This pisses me off for a variety of reasons, but mainly...

2 Sarver overpaid for team, spent last few years slicing $$$$ and turned Suns fans against him. Not he wants to blow up the system? Go away.

3 Gilbert also overpaid for his team, overpaid players FOR YEARS and would love the current system had LBJ stayed. Now it's no good for him?

4 None of the newer owners who overpaid for teams should have any real say in this lockout. It's not our fault they made dumb purchases.

Dan Gilbert hears all. Well, it was hard not to. Simmons has a bajillion Twitter followers, is connected in NBA front office circles, and for better or worse, is one of the most read ESPN scribes on NBA matters.

Here's what the Cavs owner had to say on Twitter:

Some of these NBA 'bloggissists' flat-out make stuff up and then try to dupe readers into believing their fiction is real. Sad & pathetic.

Bloggissists? Is that a word?

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