Great Lakes Oktoberfest on the Today Show




When Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb go over plans for each Today Show, we think the conversation starts and ends with: What kind of alcohol would you like to drink this morning? Are we in a white wine mood? Or how about a nice saison? Saison? OK, let's do a segment on Belgium. And tomorrow I think I'd like rum, so let's do three hours on rum. Alright, "drink" on three. 1, 2, ... burp... 2... um, hey look at cat!

Anyway, with this scheduling pattern, it was only a matter of time before the lubed duo did a show on Oktoberfest — it's topical! we're not total lushes! — and here it is, featuring Cleveland's own Great Lakes Brewing Company as one of the fine pours selected by the editor of Food and Wine mag. If you can tolerate Kathie and Hoda for a few minutes, the video is below.

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