Afternoon Brew: Sound Walls Are Crap, Ohio Businesses Default on 9/11, Cell Phone at Scene Leads to Suspect, and a New Wendy's Burger




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you dream hamburger dreams for dinner.

— In breaking shocking earth-scorching news: At one million dollars per mile, ODOT is replacing sound walls around Northeast Ohio that have worn down and become putrid, crumbling messes long before they were supposed to. Apparently the material didn't hold up in Cleveland's winters, which is something ODOT could not possibly have seen coming. (

— Don't leave your phone at the scene of a crime. All snark aside for a moment, we're happy cops have a suspect in custody for this brutal murder in Euclid. (NewsNet5)

— A study found that more than one half of 9/11 business loans given out in Ohio were defaulted on. Cash was supposed to be for businesses hit hard by post-9/11 environment. Most of the ones in Ohio that received money are no longer in existence. (Canton Rep)

— Dublin, OH-based Wendy's unveiled a new, improved hamburger today, the product of over two years of research. Biggest breakthrough: add butter. (AP)

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