Afternoon Brew: Tryout For the Cavs, Extreme Hoarding, Peeing in Public, Bad Bridges, and IHOPs Raided




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you make sure there aren't any cops around before you drop your pants.

— The Cavs invite you to try out for their D-League affiliate, because you actually might be better than the 12th man on their bench. (

— Not groundbreaking in any way, and NewsNet5 adds some scary and most definitely incorrect "Hoarding is spreading!!!?OMGZZZ It's spreading!" rhetoric, but we can't pass up a good video of extreme hoarding. (NewsNet5)

— One in 8 bridges in Cuyahoga County need repairs. (WKYC)

— You shouldn't urinate in the middle of a restaurant, but if you do, make sure a cop isn't watching you. (Westlake Patch)

— The FBI raided a handful of IHOP joints in Ohio. It's about time someone cracked down on IHOP charging $4 for two drops of OJ. (AP)

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