Kenny Lofton Was at Charlie Sheen's House to Watch the Roast, 'Two and a Half Men'



Charlie Sheen had some folks over his house last night to watch the double feature of his roast on Comedy Central and the Sheen-less premiere of the new Ashton Kutcher-led "Two and a Half Men."

Among the guests, apparently, was Kenny Lofton. Of course. No. 7 tweeted out: "At @charliesheen house watching TWO and a HALF MEN... kinda weird." Kinda weird indeed. Then he posted a pic of himself with Steve-O, who had his nose broken during the filming of the roast after jumping into Mike Tyson's fist.

Lofton and Sheen probably chatted about the Indians and how both of them are better than Matt LaPorta.

This concludes your morning dose of incongruous celebrity/athlete theater.


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