Someone Stole the Lake Erie Crushers' Mascot's Head (Updated)


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Update II: Worry not, baseball fans, Northeast Ohioans, and Americans, the cherished and recently missing head of Stomper, the Lake Erie Crushers mascot, has been returned to the team. It was found under a tarp outside the stadium. All things are now right with the world. (Fox 8)


Update: Fox 8 goes all-in on the stolen mascot head story. Local TV news at its finest and most hyperbolic.


Attention, Northeast Ohio. Some callous soul has stolen the hearts of kids and perhaps the heart of baseball itself.

According to the Morning Journal, somebody made off with Stomper's head. Stomper, of course, is the mascot of the Lake Erie Crushers. The last two home stands and into the playoffs, Stomper was nowhere to be seen. This is why.

Police have no real leads and classify the investigation as "suspended." Which is why we need your help: Someone out there thought it'd be funny to screw with baseball, which is just not American at all. Furthermore, mascots are for the kids, man. Not cool.


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