Afternoon Brew: 75 Arrested for Meth Operation, Most Corrupt Lawmaker, Internship for Baron Davis, East Bank Developer Mad, and Don't Do Heroin Around Your Kid



Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you ask your boss if Baron Davis can have an internship at your company.

— 75 around Northeast Ohio were arrested after yearlong investigation into a meth-making operation that also involved a horde of other criminal activities. None of the suspects, sadly, are as cool as Bryan Cranston. (NewsNet5)

— Liggett Stashower has an open offer for Baron Davis to complete an internship there. Given his history, we think Davis is going to pass and pursue an internship at Golden Corral. (LS)

— The developers of the Flats East Bank are mad at the Port Authority after the Port finalized its plans for the future. Somehow, shipping and cargo don't mesh well with a South Beach-styled nightclub. (

— Jean Schmidt was named one of the country's most corrupt legislators. Somehow, we don't think that honor is going to find a home on her fridge. (Plunderbund)

— A good rule for parents: When you want to shoot up heroin in the bathroom at Burger King, don't bring your kid with you. (Sun News)


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