Afternoon Brew: Thugs Want the “Stuff,” Local Philanthropist Passes Away, OverDrive Updates the Library, and Downtown Commutes Are Going to Get Worse




Hello Cleveland. Here's some tasty news bits to chew over while you plot a new route home on your commute from downtown.

— In Akron, three armed men held a family, including two children, at gunpoint last night, demanding they hand over “the stuff.” What exactly the said “stuff” was, the thugs didn't divulge. They did walk with a video game system, jewelry and cell phones. But they didn't get their hands on the “stuff.” (

— Albert Weatherhead III, the local industrialist who's given millions to Case Western Reserve University, died this week at the age of 86. (Newsnet 5)

— Independence-based OverDrive will bring the lending library to the 21st century, allowing Amazon's Kindle to e-check out books from the public book slingers. Now you can get Freedom on your Kindle without even having to pay! (Washington Post)

— Welcome to the suck. By the end of the week, the East 9th exit on 90 downtown will be shut down due to construction of the shiny new Innerbelt bridge. If all goes according to plan, the exit will reopen by December. This means that morning commute is going to be an even bigger headache, so you might as well quit your job now and open up the beachside snorkeling business. (Newsnet 5)

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