Anthony Calabrese III and Sanford Prudoff Indicted in Cuyahoga County Corruption Saga




A grand jury handed down more indictments today in the ongoing Cuyahoga County corruption saga, this time against attorney Anthony Calabrese III (son of former judge Anthony Calabrese Jr.) and Sanford Prudoff, former community development director in Lorain.

If you guessed the charges center on conspiracy, bribery, fraud, tampering, and more — basically the A to Z around these parts — you'd be right. Yawn.

The 18-count indictment charges Calabrese with racketeering, bribing Russo and Dimora, and for a tax return fraud involving Alternatives Agency, a halfway house, where cash ended up back in the hands of Calabrese and J. Kevin Kelley.

Prudoff is charged with your garden variety mail fraud, lying to investigators, and filing false income tax returns.

They were supposed to make an initial appearance in court late this afternoon.

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