Blogger Thinks Akron Hospital's Use of 'OMG' on Billboard Degrades God, Hospital Pulls Billboard




Akron Children's Hospital will remove a billboard that read, "OMG! There’s an Akron Children’s ER in Montrose!” because one loony mommy religious-leaning blogger was "completely disgusted" by the hospital's use of the super-common, every-day, dictionary-approved abbreviation, and thought it degraded God.

AHsdh. AOSInvdsav. AHhhhhhhh. OMFFFFFGGG

OK, we think we're composed now. Let's just go back and reread that paragraph and catch up so we can continue the story. OK, reading. OK..... OMFG [brain stops working.]

Cindy Orley is her name, and WKYC tackled the subject head-on, as only they can.

Anyone have an abbreviation for Cindy out there? STFU?

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