BREAKING: Cleveland Is Poor


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The 2010 Census is continually being mined for new data and overarching trends. From the humble answers provided by you, me, but not that shady guy who never answers his door and probably deals drugs, we get a better picture of America Today. How many people live in a given place is just the start.

Where do they move to? How many children are we having? Does everyone secretly still own an Ace of Base cassette tape? Good questions, all.

Also, are we rich or poor?

The AP reports today that census data proves what we along the fair, modest shores of Lake Erie have known for a long time: Cleveland is the third poorest big city (population over 200,00) in the country. Only Detroit and San Bernardino, California have fewer nickels to rub together.

On the upside, a draft beer costs like $0.72 in the Forest City, so, as the Alan Cox show would say, we're relatively ballin'.


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