Jim Thome Will Get a Statue, Could Use a Bigger Umbrella




Friday night was Jim Thome celebration night down at Jacobs Field and yesterday afternoon was the Thomenator's last game in a Tribe uniform at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario (again). Big weekend for high socks and Peoria muscle.

The club announced, to Thome's surprise, that they will build a statue of No. 25 to be located out in center field near where his 511-foot July, 1999 homer landed. “I mean, that’s surreal,” he told reporters after the game. “A statue — that’s as good as it gets. I’m speechless.”

Yesterday, Big Jim received a standing ovation when he pinch hit late in the game and a bigger one after Manny Acta inserted Thome at third base for one pitch to start the ninth inning, the corner where he started his career but hadn't played in over ten years. Nice gestures all around.

As for the statue, we're just barely with the side that thinks it's the right move — we'd prefer Paul Sorrento or Paul Assemaucher, but that's us. It goes without saying a bronzed Albert Belle in a car chasing kids would be ideal but likely out of the question.

Also, couldn't the Tribe find a bigger umbrella for Jim to use for his pre-game Friday night speech?

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