State Senator Shirley Smith Living Outside of Her District, According to Channel 3 Investigation




State lawmakers are saddled with very few restrictions. Don't get caught with hookers, driving drunk, or driving drunk with hookers, for example. Don't egregiously break campaign fund-raising laws. That's another. The list of restrictions is so short, in fact, that it doesn't even include a requirement to actually do anything of use for your constituents.

On that short list, however, is the rule that you must live in the district that you represent.

It seems Ohio state Senator Shirley Smith might be in some trouble on that front thanks to Channel 3 and the one and only Investigator (TM).

Meyer's hidden cameras caught Smith living not in District 21, which is her territory and where she owns a house on Woodworth Avenue, but in South Euclid over in District 25.

Smith was seen on three randomly-chosen days in July and August relaxing on her front porch and entering and exiting the home, which is located in a subdivision with homes valued near $300,000.

Channel 3 News looked for the senator on several occasions at her Woodworth Avenue home, but never saw her. Records show Smith owns the South Euclid home.

"I sold her the home," said Armin Guggenheim. "The title transferred 2 years ago and she moved in."

Smith ran for re-election in 2010 using her Cleveland address.

The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections was made aware of the residency no-no by WKYC. Smith, when confronted by the prying cameras of The Investigator (TM), avoided the question about her living situation, instead choosing to criticize WKYC for not covering all the important bills she's sponsored for her constituents and the good work she does for people "all over Ohio." For instance, like being a good neighbor in District 25.

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