Afternoon Brew: Occupy Cleveland, VegiTerranean Closes, PD Helps With Voting, and Yuengling History




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you decide which beverage store to try first tonight in search of Yuengling.

— In solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests going on, Occupy Cleveland has launched. They'll be meeting at the Free Stamp Thursday afternoon and then mobilizing to their final location to camp. No, Radiohead will not be playing a concert. (Occupy Cleveland)

—Vegiterranean, the Akron restaurant from The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde, closed its doors for good. Now's probably a good time for all those vegans to try a Polish Boy. (

— The Plain Dealer printed an absentee ballot on the front page of Sunday's Forum section to do their part in making sure everyone who wants an absentee ballot has access to one by giving one to every single one of their Sunday readers. Next week they'll devote the Forum page to another essential topic: their favorite chili recipe. (Civic Commons)

— Yuengling is officially available in Cleveland starting today. Learn a little history of the beer before you enjoy one. (NewsNet5)

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