Afternoon Brew: Betty Sutton to Occupy Wall Street, Fishy Redistricting, LeBron Practicing Football, Cleveland Wants to Study Something, and More



Good afternoon, Cleveland. We were buried in the salt mines most of the day and couldn't pump out most of the bloggy goodness we came across, so here's a mega-roundup to help you kill time while you wait to leave your respective salt mine.

— We're absolutely shocked to see this fishy bit of redistricting news. Just shocked. You're saying certain people knew way in advance what the final plans would be? No. No way. (Plunderbund)

— Betty Sutton is heading out to New York to join the Occupy Wall Street protests. Wonder how Occupy Cleveland feels about being dissed for New York? (

— Don't you hate it when you have a seizure, the cops come to help you, and then they discover your drugs? Bummer. Every time. (Sun Sentinel)

— You'd think it'd be easier to fight a $13.14, 6-year-old water bill incurred by the people that lived in the house before you did. (Morning Journal)

— Retracing Hunter S. Thompson's steps for Fear & Loathing 40 years later. Non-Cleveland, but a great read. (The Daily)

— Mapleside was voted the most beautiful farm in America. Also, voted by Scene staff as the most beautiful place to have outdoor sex in an apple orchard. Not that we'd ever do that. (NewsNet5)

— Cleveland wants to spend $200,000 to study whether the bridges over the Cuyahoga can be operated remotely. We someone should charge Cleveland $1,000 to study whether the studies that Cleveland wants studied are worth studying. (

— Pro-tip: Don't steal from your place of employment when there are cameras recording your every move. You'll probably get caught. (NewsNet5)

— There are approximately 273 motions to be ruled on for Jimmy Dimora's January trial. Of all the issues on the table — change of venue, separation of trial from codefendant — we're pretty sure Jimmy is mostly concerned on the motion to have roast beef served for lunch every day. (WOIO)

— LeBron practiced with St. Vincent St. Mary yesterday. Here's a picture. (Fox 8)


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