Barber Shot in Butt After Customer's Gun Fires


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In Parma, Parma, Parma.

A customer at a barber shop was pulling up his waistband when his gun fell out of his holster, discharged, and fired a bullet into the butt of his barber. Yes, he had a concealed carry permit. Yes, he should probably be required to retake the test.


"The way the holster was in the waistband, he pulled up his pants to get comfortable and it just fell out hit the floor and went off, " said Erick Voelker. "It happened so quickly that he (Kurt) didn't even realize what happened until about a minute later, and that's when he realized he was hit."

At this time, the bullet is still lodged in Kurt's buttocks. A doctor will determine if he has to have the bullet dug out.

Lorain has long had its own category here at Scene & Heard. It's about high time Parma joined it.

Video below from 19 Action News, because this is the sort of story they live for. That and anything involving masturbation.



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