Joe the Plumber Files Papers to Run for Congress (Update)




Update: Joe the Plumber will hold a press conference next Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Tony Packo's in Toledo where he's expected to officially announce over hot dogs and flat diet soda pop what everyone already knows — that he's running for Congress. Plumber, who just got married last weekend to now Mrs. Plumber, will run as a Republican but isn't thrilled with either party, he says. The feeling is likely mutual. (


When the TV cameras showed up on the front lawn of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher back in the day, Joe the Plumber was birthed onto an unsuspecting nation. But the full narrative of Joe was just beginning. From local nobody to national celebrity to local political toiler, the next step was and is always just toward the horizon. Consider it the Manifest Destiny of Joe. (If you want the spoiler: this all ends with him employed as the janitor on Rock of Love 173 in 2029.)

Which brings us to this bit of sobering news: The Hill reports that Joe the Plumber, who has long been rumored to have his eye set on a larger political role, filed candidacy papers with the FEC on Friday. Wurzelbacher also registered a campaign committee — Joe for Congress 2012.

He's expected to challenge for the Republican nod in Ohio's 9th district, which conveniently will also boast the entertaining Kaptur vs. Dennis! Kucinich primary of dueling incumbents on the Democrat side.

Ohio: Birthplace of the Presidents. And home to Joe the Plumber.

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