Browns Marcus Benard Lucky to Be Alive After Motorcycle Crash


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Yesterday afternoon, Browns defensive end Marcus Benard crashed his three-wheel motorcycle on I-71 near Denison. Today, he was charged with driving under suspension and reckless operation. Not exactly the distraction from the Peyton Hillis strep-throatgate that the Browns wanted.

Benard suffered a broken wrist for sure. No other official details of his injuries have been released as of yet, but we're sure he's suffering from a decent case of road rash too. All told, he's incredibly lucky given the details of the crash that Fox 8 got from the accident report and the Brooklyn police. He was wearing a helmet, so that helped.

A police report on the incident claims that Benard lost control of the motorcycle in the far right-hand lane of I-71 near West 65th Street around 2:20 p.m. The report states that Benard struck a guardrail and was thrown 241 feet off the motorcycle.

The bike then proceeded without a rider across four lanes of traffic before slamming into a barrier wall that separates the north and south lanes of I-71. The motorcycle came to a stop approximately 687 feet down the roadway, according to the report.

Wear your helmets, kids. And don't speed.


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