Afternoon Brew: The Adult District, Turnpike Tolls Going Up, Deer Accidents, Dante in Strongsville, and Occupy Canton



Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you explain you weren't hanging out in Cleveland adult district because there really isn't one.

— By design, Cleveland's adult district has failed, which is too bad — we'd could really use some company at the strip club during lunch. (

— Three counties in Northeast Ohio have some of the highest deer accident stats in the state. That's why we rollerblade to work. (WKYC)

— Dante is opening an Italian restaurant in Strongsville. That makes our bellies smile. Mainly because we drew smiley faces on our bellies earlier. (

— Turnpike tolls are going to go up after January 1. Head's up. (

— Occupy Canton is coming. Occupy Linndale somewhere down the line. (


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