Black Keys Having Some Fun Promoting New Album, El Camino-Style




The Black Keys' seventh album, El Camino, comes out December 6. In anticipation, Akron's sons have some interesting advertising out, including an ad in last Sunday's Beacon Journal for a 1994 El Camino that was really a van. may have come across an odd, seemingly out-of-place listing for a 1994 El Camino, which actually showed a beatdown ’90s Dodge Caravan in the photo.

The description was equally odd, touting “sapphire stylus, some ticks/pops, light surface noise,” and other attributes not generally associated with used cars.

The listing ends with “Grab the Keys and go! Call Pat or Dan” with a local phone number; when called, it reveals a voice that sounds a lot like Black Keys drummer Pat Carney, suggesting you leave a message.

There's also the video embedded below. More where that came from at, the Keys' micro site for the new album.

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