Great Grandma Speaks About Issue 2 Ad Controversy




Of all the options out there, we'll show you the 19 Action News clip of Marlene Quinn, the great grandmother whose comments about Issue 2 were taken out of context and used by Build a Better Ohio for an ad that's produced plenty of controversy and which has been yanked from just about every station in America.

Not only does 19 Action News do a masterful job of ratcheting up the flames here, but they first billed it as an exclusive, even though it's very clearly an interview she did with some other outlet, not them. They've since taken off that label.

Beyond that, you have the normal 19 Action News production value — dubbing her "Grumpy Grandma," as if this was all about her favorite soap being pulled from the air, and heading to the gigantic touch screen monitor in the newsroom, which adds nothing to the broadcast except laughs for viewers.

Anyway, Quinn's reaction to all this is in there somewhere if you dig through the flashy graphics and zooming cameras.

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