Teen Drops Off Refill at Pharmacy, Forgets to Take His Pot Out of the Bottle


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Recreational tokers and "Bored to Death" fans alike know that an empty prescription bottle is a decent place to stash your weed. That's all well and good — tight seal, easily portable, keeps the smell to a minimum, pretty innocuous should anyone see it from a different — but please, please, please, if that's your chosen storage, be sure to remove said weed from the prescription bottle before dropping the bottle off at the pharmacy for a refill.

NewsNet5 reports a 17-year-old in Summit County made that exact mistake and is now in trouble and without his weed.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office said a 17-year-old from Uniontown dropped off the bottle at about 2 p.m. and the pharmacy suspected there was marijuana in it, so they called the police.

Deputies at the scene confirmed it was marijuana and charged the teen with possession of marijuana.

Wait. They suspected it was weed? They weren't sure? And they decided to call the cops? What a bunch of narcs.



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