Afternoon Brew: Ohio's War on the Middle Class, Mugshot Gold, RTA Gets Millions, Kasich Traffic Stop, and Family Burglary Ring




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you feather your mullet in case someone takes your picture tonight.

— 19 Action News has a fun gallery of some of Cleveland's most dapper and striking mugshots. (WOIO)

— An Akron family has been arrested after allegedly keeping burglary in the family. What ever happened to just playing Monopoloy? (

— Mother Jones on Ohio's war against the middle class. Good read. (Mother Jones)

— GOP responds to Dems' response to Ohio Supreme Court ruling that the redistricting map will face a referendum. We excitedly await the Dems' response to the GOP's response to the Dem's initial response. (

— Extended video of Governor Kasich's traffic stop that led him to making that "idiot cop" quip awhile back. (Plunderbund)

— Speaking of that "idiot cop," he talked about the incident. (Ohio Dems)

— RTA landed millions in grant money to make improvements along Clifton and for various other projects. Probably not going to include seat warmers. (

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